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A big favourite here at The Original Store, X-Large is certainly street wear royalty and in our eyes deserves it's place alongside Stussy, Fresh Jive and Fuct as one of the pioneers of street wear.
Founded in L.A back in '91, by Eli Bonerz, Adam Silverman and Beastie Boy Mike D, X-Large drew inspiration from music, art and skateboarding and used the now iconic Gorilla logo long before another certain well know brand! The first X-Large store opened in L.A. and was soon followed by the Lafayette, New York store and the soon became the holy grail of stores to visit way before access was gained through a click of a mouse.
X-Large has remained an ever present in LA and Japan but has remained relatively anonymous in the UK over the last 10 years and we're glad to be one of the first stores to welcome the brand back.
X-Large we salute you!
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